Best No-Pull Dog Harness

Adog pulling on a harness or leash is a bigger issue than many pet owners realize. If you have an issue with your dog pulling, switching to the best no pull dog harness will prevent injuries both to you and your dog. We've tested many dog pulling harness brands to see how they perform, and reviewed several others to pick the best dog harness for dogs that pull.

Why a no pull dog harness is better than a leash?

Surprisingly to some, picking the best no pull dog harness over a leash or even a regular harness for dogs has been scientifically proven to prevent injuries in dogs. Over the last decade, dog leash pulling as a safety hazard has raised concerns among pet owners and canine professionals alike. There's a lot of research on this subject which we will examine below, but let's take a look at one of the papers on the dangers for dogs' eyes.

On study has evaluated 26 dogs pulling against a leash with a collar and then pulling against a harness. The results were not surprising: leash damaged several of dogs' body parts and was especially dangerous to dogs with glaucoma and thin corneas. A no pull harness for dogs did not affect them in any way and was a safer option.

In this article, we will take a closer look at dog pulling problem, using dog leashes versus the best no pull harness for dogs options, and how they compare. We've also tested many dog harnesses to find the best no pull dog harness that's the most effective yet affordable for pet owners on a budget. Here are our mesh and plush no-pull pet harness for your choice


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