About us

Suzhou Outley Pet products Ltd is a professional factory in the Pet Clothes, Pet Harness, Collar & Leash, Pet Bed with more than 6 years. It is a well-known pet products manufacturer in China.

Our factory owns many automatic equipment,such as fabric-cutting machine, tape-cutting machine, edging-cutting machine, pattern-sewing machine and sewing machine. This ensures each item is the same size and sewing is in the same place. Pattern-sewing machine makes the sewing place quite solid. Our factory offers different kinds of Fabrics,Tapes,Patterns,Logos and also provides OEM/ODM service. 

Due to our excellent product quality,cooperation service, and competitive price, most of our clients have been with us for many years. And, our products have been well sold in Europen, North American and South American countries. 

We will not forget why we started and move forward bravely, and create a beautiful future with our partners.



Contact: Gloria

Phone: 86-512-67421152

E-mail: info@pet-age.com

Add: No.91,Weixin Road,Zhong Xu Xin Technology Park,Suzhou Industrial Park, China 215122

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