Choosing the Right Cat Collar

1..Evaluate your reasons for getting a collar. The type of collar you buy will depend greatly on why you want it. Are you looking to provide ID for your cat in case it gets lost? Do you want to start walking your indoor cat on a leash? Make sure you understand all your reasons for wanting a collar before you purchase.

  • If you are looking for a place to hang ID tags, a standard cat collar should suffice.
  • Alternatively, for permanent identification, you may opt to have your cat microchipped. A vet can insert a microchip the size of a grain of rice in between your cat’s shoulders. The chip can be read by a scanner to bring up more detailed ownership information than a tag can provide.
  • If you want to start walking your cat, you should consider purchasing a cat harness instead of a standard cat collar, as these are more secure and often more comfortable for cats.
  • If you are looking for a flea collar, it is best to consult your vet prior to purchase. Flea collars can be especially irritating to cats, and your vet can help you find a collar with the proper dosage of the proper treatment for your particular feline.

2.Pick a safe Cat collar. Look for an adjustable pet collar or pet harness that is made from a strong webbing, has double stitching throughout, and has a breakaway safety clasp. Opt for d-rings in place of keyring-style split rings for securing tags.

  • Collars with elastic inserts can stretch and may cause injury to your cat if they become stuck on their paws or legs.
  • Cat Collars that do not feature break-away safety clasps can increase the risk of choking if your cat gets caught on something.
  • Take a look at the edges of the collar before purchasing. They should be rounded or folded over, rather than sharp. Sharp edges can dig into the skin and cause injury or discomfort.
3.Look for a functional design. A cat collar is, in part, an accessory that allows you to show off your style or your cat’s personality. More than that, though, a bright color with a bell on it can make your cat more noticeable if it happens to get out or wander too far from home.
  • Opt for colors that will be highly visible against your cat’s fur. A safety yellow or orange color, for example, might not stand out if your cat has a blonde or orange coat. A vibrant blue or green would provide better contrast.
  • Consider purchasing a collar with a bell, or a separate bell attachment for the collar, especially if you let your cat outdoors. The noise provided by the bell makes them more noticeable and easier to track, and may scare away other animals.
  • Look for bells that do not have tapering grooves. This helps your cat avoid getting their claws stuck in their collar.


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