Your Guide To Buying a Dog Harness

Choosing a harness for your dog can be a confusing and costly process, especially if you don’t know what you should be looking for. Harnesses are a great option to use for walking your pup, especially if they tend to pull on the leash or have trouble with their respiratory system. The following guide was designed to provide tips and information regarding harnesses and their uses.

    Step-in Harness: This harness involves your dog stepping into the harness, and the leash connects at the top. There is much less risk of your dog being choked this way, as the weight and pull of the leash will be distributed along the body as opposed to only the throat. This type of harness is best for obedient dogs of all shapes and sizes because the harness can be adjusted.

    Standard Harness: This harness slips over the head and snaps closed around your dog’s body. There is a neck enclosure, which provides weight distribution. The additional, adjustable shoulder straps can relieve neck pain, if present. This harness is best for small breeds and well-behaved pets that don’t get overly excited for “walk time,” as it may be hard to put on.

    Vest Harness: Most often used with smaller dogs, these leashes enclose the torso in fabric. It is important to choose fabric that will be comfortable for your dog, so make sure to take their fur type into account. Additionally, there is no pressure on the dog’s neck, which is a great feature.

    Car Harness: Great for families that love to include their pets on family excursions or vacations. These harnesses can ensure the safety of traveling by providing a built-in seatbelt loop.

    Built-in Leash Harness: The built-in leash harness provides extra and quick control of your pet, such as during trips to the veterinarian. Most of these leashes also contain a D-ring that allows for the attachment of a regular leash to the harness for casual walks and strolls with your pup. These are best for large and active breeds that can become skittish in social settings.

    Fabric material. Many people gave great reviews to harnesses that have durable material, as well as a fabric that felt great for their pup. It is important that your dog is fit with the proper harness size and that the fabric used (especially around the underarms) does not squeeze and cause irritation to your dog’s skin.

    Size. Many companies have different sized harnesses, and these sizes are not on a general scale. It may be helpful to bring your dog in to try on certain sizes before ordering online to save the hassle of returning it if it does not fit.

    Control. While getting exercise with your dog, it is key to maintain control in all situations. If your dog likes to pull and chase after squirrels, you want to make sure the harness will be durable to handle the force exerted. It can also be detrimental to your dog’s health should you choose a harness that restricts their normal movements. Dean & Tyler offer quality products, in which many of the harnesses have wider straps and oversized buckles to ensure extra protection and control over your dog.

    • Avoid using retractable leashes if your dog is prone to lunging or pulling while on the leash.
    • A well-fitting harness is crucial to the safety of your pet. One that is too loose can increase the chances of your dog slipping free, while one that is too tight can make for an uncomfortable walk.
    • If you take your dog on nightly walks, it’s a good idea to get a leash and harness that won’t be invisible in the dark.


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