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How to buy a suitable dog clothes

dog clothes – NOT ONLY FOR WINTER

Currently, on the dog accessories market, among many types of dog clothes, we can find plenty of interesting solutions. It turns out that dog clothes do not necessarily have to protect against cold.

Some dog clothes might have just a decorative function and are more useful to the owners who like to stand out with their dogs, than to their pets. These include, for example, all kinds of dresses, t-shirts, hats and scarves. The only exception are the hairless dogs, because their skin is exposed to sunburn in the summer. For breeds like that, wearing a thin, breathable t-shirt in the summer can be quite beneficial.

However, there’re many dog clothes with useful functions, such as: special panties for bitches in heat, reflective dog vests for dogs that walk next to busy streets in the evenings, bathrobes that help to quickly dry the dog after bathing, or anti-slip dog socks to prevent from slipping on the floor.

It’s also good to know that there’re special dog paw protectors for wounded paws. What’s more, we can buy winter dog boots that help to protect sensitive paw pads from irritation caused by the salt-strewn pavement. It may also be useful to wear a dog raincoat that keeps his fur dry on rainy days (especially for long-haired breeds) or a special dog life jacket if we are planning a vacation by the water or a boat trip with our pet.

As you can see there’re many ideas and solutions, when it comes to dog clothes. The most important thing to remember if we want to put anything on our dog (even a normal collar or harness) is to get him used to a new situation and new item. The best idea is to start using dog clothes, when our pet is still a puppy and make it a form of play. In this way he will not associate it with any discomfort or pain.

Any older dog, when we try to dress him for the very first time, will get stressed – even the process of putting clothes on can be something strange and stressful. He may try hard to take it off or on the other hand, he might stand still and won’t make even the smallest step. You should get make him familiar with wearing dog clothes step by step. Don’t forget to reward your doggy when he behaves well.

It is also important to choose the dog clothes that are easy to put on and fasten –for you and for your dog. You should pay attention to the item’s fabrics (some dogs can get allergic just like people), methods of cleaning and maintenance, and whether it contains elements that our dog can easily destroy or bite off.

Finally, it’s a good idea to choose the dog clothes that combine functionality and comfort with a fashionable and stylish look. When the new dog suit appeals to both: the dog and its owner, then they can know for sure that the winter walks will be a great pleasure for both of them.



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