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Outley No-Pull reflective harness for dogs

There are more and more pet-loving families now, and pets are our good partners. Dogs need to be outside frequently to keep them healthy. A pet harness is a must-have for dog families.

When you take out dogs for a walk, the best way is to wear a harness for your lovely animal friend. This harness allows you to adjust at both the chest and neck to fit most dogs, and one leash attachment point let you choose your preferred control style. It’s made with mesh and nylon and is designed with a stretchy and soft fit, according to the brand. In the harness, there is a handle design, can be used as a leash, very convenient. Also there are two key locks in the buckle,this makes sure the dogs are very safe in the walk. In the front. D ring design in the front harness,convenient to attach a tag or a LED light. The reflective tapes look quite bright in the night.

No-Pull reflective harness for dogs

You can choose from three colors: Black, Blue and Green.

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