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5 Benefits of Dog Harnesses

The biggest difference between pet dogs and cats is that dogs need to go out regularly for activities, which is commonly known as dog walking. Outdoor walks are very important for dogs, but remember to keep them under control. No matter from which angle, civilized dog walking must be implemented. A harness is more beneficial for dogs than a simple collar. Here are 5 benefits of dog harnesses.

dog harness-leash set

1. Higher security

In addition to the need for civilized dog walking we mentioned at the beginning, the harness is also safer for the dog itself. When you use the collar, the pressure is applied directly to the neck, which can easily lead to injury in small breeds. The harness distributes the pressure on the back and the entire body, which can better protect the dog's body. Remember to choose the right size of the strap.

2. Control is more convenient

Leashes and collars can actually play a role in controlling your dog. But it's easy to get tangled up if you're not careful. Those who have experienced shit shoveling must know it. An excited dog will often circle around you. If the leash is attached to its back with a harness, the puppy will not be able to entangle itself or you.

3. Reduce the pressure on the trachea

A large part of the reason for the design of the dog harness is that the collar always has the risk of pinching the dog's windpipe. Frequent exposure of the neck area to a lot of pressure can cause some dogs to cough violently. It can even aggravate the weakening of the trachea and breathing difficulties caused by some small toys. In this case, switching to harnesses becomes imperative.

4. Reflective design

If you are a shit shovel officer and an office worker, you may need this design very much when walking your dog at night. The large-area reflective design allows you to quickly locate the dog, so that the excited dog can't find the north.

5. Suitable strap products

Remember, dogs also have movement patterns. Improper seat belts can lead to overuse soft tissue injuries due to abnormal pressure or using an unnatural gait resulting in muscle overuse. Therefore, a suitable and comfortable harness is extremely important.

Outley Pet has launched its newest dog harness-leash set. The product features a breathable and comfortable double-layer polyester mesh material. It can make your dog very relaxed while walking. If you want to know more information, please call us.


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